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We released our first product in 2018.
New Born was conceived to communicate our progress to whisky enthusiasts everywhere.

Akkeshi New Born "Foundations 1"
Akkeshi New Born "Foundations 2"

"Foundations" represents the Dream, Beginning, Establishment and Birth of new era in Japanese whisky.
Akkeshi New Born "Foundations 1" is a vatted blend of non-peated malts matured between 5-14 months in quality first-fill bourbon casks.
Bottled at 60% alcohol by volume to produce a flavour resembling a cask strength whisky.

Akkeshi New Born "Foundations 2" is a vatted blend of peated malts matured between 8-17 months in quality first-fill bourbon casks.
This is Akkeshi Distillery's first peated product.
Bottled at 58% alcohol by volume, the peaty flavouris coupled with a hint of salt blown in on the sea fog and citrus notes.

Perfect neat, with a few drops of water, twice up, or on the rocks according to taste.
Savourslowly to fully appreciate the subtle blossoming of flavour.

Adding whisky to raw oysters is a custom on the island of Islay, and Akkeshi is equally famed for its oysters.
Pour a few drops of New Born onto a raw oyster encased in the shell.
The flavours will blend together in your mouth, instantly transporting you to the briny seashore. We invite you to sample this exquisite oyster pairing.

Akkeshi New Born "Foundations 1"
Nose Sweet and soothing aromas of lemon, nut, and honey
Palate Citrus acidity with a mild sweetness
Finish Mellow vanilla and bitter coffee
Category Single malt spirit
Ingredients Malted barley
Alcohol by volume 60%
Volume 200 ml
Price 3,300 yen (3,564 yen with tax)


Reviews: Rating 88.5 points - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2019

Akkeshi New Born "Foundations 2"
Nose Peat, citrus, and bitter chocolate with a soothing aroma of vanilla and hint of salt
Palate Mellow sugar and honey with a layer of lemon acidity
Finish Black pepper, bitter cocoa, and a hint of salt with mellow chocolate
Category Single malt spirit
Ingredients Peated malt barley (phenol count: 50 ppm)
Alcohol by volume 58%
Volume 200 ml
Price 4,000 yen (4,320yen with tax)