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Hokkaido Akkeshi Distillery

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Akkeshi Distillery

Thick, salty fog from the sea. Pure, clean air. Rich peat deposits.
We began distilling in 2016 in Akkeshi, Hokkaido, in the rural north of Japan,
in the belief that it would provide an ideal environment to produce the profile of the new, unprecedented Japanese whisky we are seeking.
In the midst of Japan's beautiful northern wilderness, maturation proceeds day-by-day.

Our Whisky

Akkeshi Distillery introduced our first product in February 2018.
We released Akkeshi New Born "Foundations 1",
a vatted blend of non-peated malts matured for 5-14 months
in bourbon casks.
Next, Akkeshi Distillery released our first peated product in August 2018: Akkeshi New Born "Foundations 2",
a vattedblend of peated malts matured for 8-17 months in bourbon casks.

Distillery Story

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Directions and
Distillery Tours

Kenten Co., Ltd.
Akkeshi Distillery
4-109-2 Miyazono, Akkeshi-cho, Akkeshi-gun, Hokkaido 088-1124

*Products not for sale at the distillery. Thank you for your understanding.

*Distillery tours are held by Akkeshi Conchiglie. See here for more information »



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