Hokkaido Akkeshi Distillery

The Story of Akkeshi Distillery

Introducing our history, starting when we began test aging in 2013.


Akkeshi Distillery's 1st Blended Whisky

Akkeshi New Born "Foundations 4" was released in Augest 2019.

Akkeshi Distillery's 1st Mizunara Cask Matured Malt

Akkeshi New Born "Foundations 3" was released in March 2019.


Akkeshi Distillery 1st Peated Malt

Akkeshi New Born "Foundations 2" was released in August 2018.

Completed Third Warehouse

A third warehouse was completed adjacent to the sea incorporating an innovative racking system.

Akkeshi Distillery Releases 1st Product

Akkeshi New Born "Foundations 1" released February 2018.


Completed Second Warehouse

Our first warehouse became full after a year of distilling, so we constructed a second warehouse across from the distillery.


Began Distilling

Employees from Forsyths visited to install the pot stills and other equipment.
Began distilling in October 2016.


Began Distillery Construction

The area surrounding Akkeshi Distillery is wetlands, with a layer of peat and beneath that, soft, weak soil extending down to 50 meters beneath the Earth's surface. It is impossible to build anything on top of such soil without taking special measures. For this reason we employed the Columbus construction method, which entails removing the soil beneath the foundations and putting in Styrofoam infill in its place. Construction on Akkeshi Distillery began.


Began Test Aging

We began test-aging batches of raw spirits purchased from two existing distilleries in Japan, assuring us that our finished product will have a flavour that's distinctly Akkeshi.